Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Guide

Regardless of how religious you clean and maintain your bathroom exhaust fan, there will be a time when the device will break down and give up on its function. Bathroom exhaust fans are designed to keep warm air out of the room by sucking out heat and providing good ventilation for the whole area. In many cases, you would need to find a new one as a replacement for the fan when fan blades are broken, twisted, chipped, or getting loose.

It Can Be Done

Learning how to put up the new cooling equipment is a great plus for any individual not only in terms of saving money but also for quick installation and removal process. Instead of hiring a professional serviceman to do the simple and easy job for you, why not try on conducting the task by yourself. You will find out how any person can accomplish this task in just a few minutes of your time and with less effort exerted.

  • Unplug – before you replace the exhaust fan, make sure that the device is switched off and that the cord is removed from being plugged on the electric supply. This will ensure safety and will prevent any type of accident from happening. Do not work on any equipment without unplugging the cord or circuit breaker as this can be extremely dangerous which can lead to death in most cases.
  • Remove Fan Cover – most of these are covered for aesthetic purposes, protection, as well as to keep the parts intact. Before you get into the inside of the device, you need to remove the fan cover first using a screwdriver to loosen up the screws that keep the equipment in place. Make sure that you are holding the fan cover as you perform this process to avoid accidentally dropping the cover to the floor.
  • Disassemble Fan Blade – similar to cleaning processes, the removal of the fan blade is required in order to pull out the whole device. In most cases, a bathroom exhaust fan is properly attached and secured with several screws to prevent it from getting dislodged. Be very careful in doing this as you may get into an accident with improper handling of tools. Some fan blades do not require the use of a screwdriver as they can be manually removed from their lock.
  • Replace with New Fan Blade – after you are done removing the broken fan blade, check the other parts of the device for damages. A quick inspection will help ensure proper function as you can be aware of the other defects and possible issues of your exhaust fan. For those types of bathroom exhaust fans that use screws, install the new fan blade using a screwdriver. However, for the fans that can be installed manually, make sure that the blade is properly secured in place to avoid problems such as loosening up while being used to cool down the temperature of the room.
  • Inspect and Test – check your work afterwards and run a quick test to make sure that your work is successful and is fail-proof.

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