Best Shower Units for the Seniors

Unwinding and refreshing while taking a nice, hot bath on your shower can be a simple hygienic task for the average individual. However, this can be a great task for the elderly people as their physical strength as well as their body do not function likes that of younger individuals. And because of this, many of the seniors tend to rely on other people whenever they want to take a shower in the bathroom. However with the innovation of shower units which developed ordinary bathing devices into equipment that can cater to the needs of the elderly, this problem has been solved.

Choose The Appropriate

There are various types of shower units that are manufactured for the elderly people. These are made from the same materials. However, they are created to accommodate the delicate body of the old people. If you have a senior in your house like a father, mother, uncle, aunt, or a grandparent, make sure that you make their life easier by installing shower units that are appropriate for their ages.

  • Shower Seats – most of the elder people tend to get worn out when standing up for a longer period of time. This is because of the gradual deterioration of physical strength as well as the normal function of each parts of their body. As a consequence, they feel weak and fatigued every time they stand up for longer minutes. Shower seats provide comfort when they take their bath. These allow them to enjoy their shower time without straining a part of their body during this activity.
  • Shower Heads – unlike the common shower heads, these units are designed to accommodate the needs of the elderly people. Most people who are in the age where they are having a hard time reaching things find it quite difficult to use a shower head that is installed on top position. Adjustable shower heads provide great convenience and comfort to this group of people.
  • Floor Matting – these are essential for such age groups as they are prone to tripping and falling down on the floor. Quality floor matting will help prevent this accident from happening as it does provide a firmer stance for the seniors. Basically, it will cover the slippery surface in order to make sure that old people would not slip while walking or taking their shower inside the bathroom.
  • Handles – these are commonly installed on the wall where any elderly person can grab while taking his or her bath whether in a standing or sitting position to avoid falling off the floor.
  • Shower Ramps – this is one of the most essential innovations in this type of shower unit and bathroom. A shower ramp allows any person who is incapable of doing what normal individuals do. For example, a man on a wheelchair who wants to take his bath alone would be forced to ask for assistance in getting inside. However, in the case where a shower ramp is installed, there will be no need for help as any disabled or elderly person can enter and exit the room without any aid at all.

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