Motor Development Changes That Increase Risk Of injury In Infants

As your baby grows from the first month up to his/her first year big changes occur in his/her motor development. You as a mother may be overwhelmed with joy on seeing your baby walk for the first time. But you may also want to caution that there are certain dangers that come along with this development on motor skills. Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to read on this article regarding the safety of your child as he/she develops his/her motor skills.

The First Six Months

On the first six months, the baby is not able to stand up yet. But even so, there are certain precautions you should consider.

  • On the first month your baby will be able to hold his/her head but in not a non-erect manner. If you do not support the babyís head while carrying then it will flop forward or backward.
  • On the second month the baby is able to grasp stuff and may want to grasp at objects. Keep the baby away from electrical cords and other dangerous items on the floor that he/she may want to grab.
  • On the third month the baby may be able to roll from back to the abdomen and bear weight on the forearms. There will be increased risk of the baby failing off the bed, table or counter in this scenarios, so itís bet to watch him/her at all times.
  • Fourth month; the baby will have good grasping ability and will try to explore new thing on his/her mouth. So be careful to in giving your kid toys that are very small, and keep small objects away from the baby in case he/she may swallow it.
  • On the fifth month the baby will now be able to rock, roll and twist. Infant may move to objects that may be dangerous, or may fall into the pool, so take great care in watching him/her. Also during this month, child should not be attended when grasping bottle as risk for choking increases. Drinking from bottles while on supine position may increase risk of ear infection.
  • On the 6th month the baby creeps by propelling himself/herself on the abdomen. Child may move to potential dangers, such as outlets on electricity or fall from the stairs.

The Seventh Month To The First Year

The baby will be able to walk on the eight month. It is important for you as a mother to lend your support in maintaining his/her safety.

  • On the 7th and 8th month the baby is now able to crawl and is able to sit alone for long periods of time, and sometimes even stand up but fall down afterwards. Child may fall easily, and will need help in teaching him/her how to walk.
  • On the ninth and 10th month the baby is now able to crawl up the stairs and can even stand and move by using furniture for support. Be careful during these times because the infant may lose balance and fall down from the 2nd floors, on wobbly furniture and bruise himself/herself on sharp corners of tables and bookshelves.
  • On the 11th to the 12th month the child can now climb out of his/her crib. There is an increased risk of falling out of the crib of the playpen of the baby.

A good thing to consider in keeping your baby free from bruises and injuries would be to keep your house childproof.

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