Places in the Philippines You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

Some places are so special that you simply cannot miss it. Yes, there are such destinations in the world. In fact there are many tourists and those who love to travel who know most of those places. There are also quite a number of such places that might not yet be known but also deserve to be given the recognition and the spotlight.

The Philippines have many places that are so special that any tourist just can’t afford to miss it. This Southeast Asian country is indeed home to many amazing tourist destinations that need to be visited, explored, and certainly need to be appreciated. In other words, the word must be spread about those great destinations.

For many, just reading about those wonderful places is not even going to come close to actually being there and experiencing everything that the place has to offer. But it would also serve to inform more about those wonderful places in the Philippines that any traveler just cannot afford to pass up.

Here are a few of those places that can only be found in the Philippines:


Any visitor to the historically rich town of Vigan will feel as if he has been transported back in time, during the Spanish Colonial Period. This period lasted for well over three hundred years in the Philippines, hence the rich traces of Spanish influence in the local culture. In Vigan, the influence is not only felt but can definitely be seen and experienced.

The town is very well preserved even as it was established way back in the 16th century. It is perhaps most famous for the Spanish-era homes that are lined up against cobblestone streets, giving it an authentic old feeling. The cobblestone streets however, have already undergone restoration. The town of Vigan was thankfully spared from being devastated during the onslaught of the Second World War. It was spared by both Japanese and American forces, a very fortunate circumstance that has allowed the people of today and the future to continue enjoying this unique and beautiful historical town.

Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces are true wonders that inspire awe and admiration to anyone that beholds it. This destination should be on the list of must-see and must-visit places by every Filipino and every tourist to the country. For those who are truly interested to see and experience true wonder of the world, it would be helpful to learn that there are actually several rice terraces in Banaue. Three of those are the most prominent and most visited among all the rice terraces.

Those are: the Grand Rice Terraces in Banaue; the most preserved one due to the difficulty of even getting to the place being the Rice Terraces of Mayoyao; and the Rice Terraces in Batad, which is also among the most visited because the Tapia waterfalls present a natural venue for swimming. The Ifugao knowledge of constructing and preserving the rice terraces is something that has been passed from one generation to the next and this has been going on for the last 2,000 years. It was a technique that was probably dictated by the shapes of the mountains, with the contours as the foundations for the rice paddies, and natural irrigation being provided through gravity. Anyone who wants to see a display of how man and nature could work hand in hand to achieve positive results, then the Banaue Rice Terraces is highly recommended.

El Nido Resorts, El Nido, Palawan

El Nido Resorts in El Nido, Palawan is one of the best known tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is especially well known by foreign tourists, proof of that being the 2009 Responsible Tourism Award given by Wild Asia. It was also included in Travel + Leisure’s Favorite Green Hotel for 2008. There is no doubt that El Nido Resorts is employing a very successful tourism program that is centered on environmentalism as well as sustainable tourism, and others can’t help but feel inspired by what it has achieved so far.

You can’t go to El Nido Resorts without having gone to what is considered to be one of the best, if not the very best, white sand beach island anywhere, and that is Entalula Island. Being owned by El Nido Resorts means that visitors could reserve it for whatever private events they might want to be held there. Other great places to stay are Lagen and/or Miniloc Resort.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is a very interesting tourist destination or simply a place to visit. Its description alone is enough to convince people to go and see it for themselves, being called “a lake that’s located within a volcano, that is inside a lake, that is within an island”. Now who wouldn’t be intrigued by such a description and would like to see it right away? Taal Volcano is made distinct by the fact that it is one of the smallest and lowest volcanoes anywhere in the world.

The picturesque nature of the lake doesn’t hurt it either. Another reason why it is an attractive place for tourists is that it is very accessible from Metro Manila, being less than a day away from the nation’s capital. Even the journey to the volcano can already be considered an adventure in itself. The first part involves driving down the mountain by going through a steep and winding path. Then in order to get to the base of the volcano, tourists would have to ride a boat to cross Taal Lake. To go to the crater, there are two options – either ride on horseback or go by trekking. Going down the slopes would be done by hiking.

Philippine Baroque Churches

The Baroque Churches of the Philippines represent of the most lasting, profound, and visible proof of the influence left by the Spanish colonizers that was in control of the country for 365 years. Indeed, those churches are among the most impressive examples of Spanish colonial architecture from the latter part of the 16th century. This beautiful architecture can be considered as Filipino and Chinese builders’ own interpretation and version of the Baroque style in Europe.

What made those churches really unique was the fact that it featured Earthquake Baroque architecture, which features large and carved buttresses that are useful as supports during the event of earthquakes. Perhaps the most impressive example of this particular type of architecture is the San Agustin Church located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Another one is located in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur, and the Nuestro Senora Church. In Manila, there is the Immaculate Conception Church found within Intramuros.

Amanpulo Beach Resort

Amanpulo Beach Resort is one of the most after travel destinations in the Philippines. If you are someone who is aiming to travel to any point in those wonderful islands, then Amanpulo should be at the very top of your list or at least very near it. To describe it as the ultimate Philippine destination is pretty much an accurate remark. Its actual location is in Pamalican Island in Palawan and this secluded, very private beach resort is owned and operated by Aman Resorts. Its privacy and tremendous natural beauty is what really sets it apart, just be ready to spend a lot of money to enjoy the experience.

These are the top places that you should visit in the Philippines. The amazing thing is that with over 7,000 islands there are other equally stunning places that are worth visiting in the country.

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