The Benefits of Zen Massage

Zen massage is a derivative from the traditional massage therapy from Japan known as Japanese Shiatsu. The technique involves meditation, passive yoga, massage therapy, and the balancing of the life force within the body. This alternative medical care is popular in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom.

It’s An Asian Belief

A common belief among the Asian countries is that the body consists of energies that are capable of controlling the outcome of the health through manipulation. This belief is rooted in the traditional Chinese medicine that follows the principle of unblocking energy pathways to promote healthy constitution and to prevent sickness. Balancing the chi or energy is one of the primary concerns of Zen massage therapy.

It’s Relaxing

The patient can expect a relaxed body and mind from the massage therapy experience. The manipulation of the body’s meridians through finger pressure can calm and soothe the body and mind of the client. Total body relaxation can also help achieve good mood, heightened senses of wellness, alertness, and improve the mental disposition of the patient.

The evaluation or abdominal palpation done on the patient before the start of the session can help the client benefit through the stimulation of the meridians. This in return produces good effects to the body. This process is used as a method of gauging the current energy or “chi” level within the body of the patient. The energy assessment can notify the therapist regarding the condition of the client’s body.

The Benefits

The therapist unblocks the meridians using various parts of the body which are the hands, fingers, elbows and knees. This unclogging process helps the therapy to become more effective throughout the whole session. The body becomes more recessive in accepting the benefits and effects from the massage. The therapy also upholds the belief that yin and yang imbalance causes unhealthy conditions.

Zen shiatsu is popular and commonly used in Japan due to its wonderful benefits and effects when it comes to treating various medical conditions. It includes diabetes, depression, stress, fatigue, tension, insomnia, headache, fibromyalgia, digestive and menstrual problems, back pain and many other problems both physically and emotionally. The technique also improves the blood and oxygen circulation of the body to promote total health and to lower the risk of cardiovascular problems. Experts in the field of therapeutic massage also point out that regular session of Zen massage therapy can greatly improve and boost the immune system of the patient. It can also strengthen the resistance against sickness and stress which cause chains of health problems.

Just like with all types of massage therapy, although the risk may be minimal, a doctor’s consultation can save you a lot of money and suffering in case you happened to experience the risks and had contraindications with your medical condition. Setting an appointment with your doctor would probably be the best move on the part of the patient. This will not only prevent any problems in the future but also to receive only the best benefits and amazing effects of the wonderful branch of Japanese shiatsu therapy.

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