What Business Schools Don’t Teach You

Business is really challenging and there’s no specific formula for success. Even a good college degree is not an assurance to reach your goals as planned. As aspiring businessmen, it is our duty to learn and study hard in order to have a bright career in the business world. This is the reason why we try our best learn from the finest business schools in our communities thinking that this will help us. Although we can learn a lot of things from these institutions, there are some important things that are missing once we enter the real world of business. There are just things that business schools do not teach to its students. Among these are very important pointers that are keys for every entrepreneur’s success. Here are some of the things a business school does not teach its student regardless of what type of business one enters after getting a degree.

  • Perseverance is Key to Success – you might have heard a lot of different business strategies that are said to be essential in making a company successful. However, have you heard of your instructor discussing or pointing out the importance of perseverance? Forget business strategies. Every entrepreneur can do well by using basic ways to run a company and still become successful in the long run. Without perseverance though, everything that you’ve invested on your company (skills, attitude, and money) will all be wasted. If you persevere despite the obstructions, the chances to win are higher.


  • Attitude is More Important than Skills – we commonly hear our instructors back in the days discussing the importance of business skills. Once you’ve stepped in the doors of the business world though, you’ll find out that attitude is more important than skills. Skills can be taught by any entrepreneur. Attitude on the other hand is quite difficult to grasp and learn especially by those who have a negative disposition in business and in life. If you are a positive thinker, most of the tasks at hand are not difficult to accomplish. If you fail, you stand up again and start another step. That’s what positive attitude is.


  • Your Knowledge is Not Enough – a lot of graduates who have entered the world of business falls short in the long run due to their lack of knowledge. If you think that you are good enough to own and run a business because of the fact that you’ve graduated and earned a business degree with flying colors then think again. Most young entrepreneurs learn it the hard way once they fail with their business. The best thing to do though is to get someone to mentor and guide you especially during the crucial times of your career. Once you are capable of managing your company on your own, you can stop with the mentoring idea and continue on your own.

These are just a few of the many things business schools do not teach their students. They are very important as they are keys to any entrepreneur’s success. In addition, they prevent young businessmen from making mistakes that tend to lead to failure in the long run.

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