What To Look For In An Applicant

It does not matter whether you are starting up businessman or you are already in the midst of it managing your company. One of your tasks is to hire people to fill each of the critical vacant position in your firm. You need men to run your machines and the company operations as well. Being the owner and leader of your business, you will be screening and interviewing on a number of applicants. In order to run an effective company, your goal should be focused in getting the best workers for the various jobs that you need to fill up. In doing so, you’ll have to build a good foundation made up of dependable workers for your firm. However, this is not easily accomplished. You will first need to recruit the highly qualified applicants for the positions. So, do you know how to find the best worker among the list of applicants before you? As a guide, here are some of the traits that you need to find out from every applicant when hiring people for the various available positions in your company.

  • Right Attitude – when you make a choice among the applicants, you should take into consideration their attitudes over skills. Remember that skills can be taught especially if you are a good leader. Unlike business skills, it is quite hard for a leader to mold attitude especially from a person who has issues. Look for candidates who are willing to learn, excited in working for you and your company, and those who are unselfish. The right attitude of a worker is what also contributes in making him productive.


  • Drive – keep in mind that motivation and focus are what drive a person to work hard aside from their inspirations. Look for an applicant who has a good drive towards work as you can expect better results from his performance. The drive in a person makes him different from the other workers when it comes to efficiency.


  • Isn’t Salary Conscious – look for potential employees who are not conscious with their salary. Workers who put a lot of emphasis on the amount that they will receive from your company do value their income more than contributing their best for the business. In addition, individuals who are conscious with the amount they earn find it quite difficult to exert additional efforts for the benefit of the company.


  • Desire to Help – applicants who asks questions on what you expect from them in the future tend to have a personality and attitude that has a desire to help. This kind of attitude is beneficial to your company in the long run as it can infect other members to do the same for the business. The desire to help is something that is quite hard to instill in every workers as most of them work for the money. Not everyone will have the same thinking.  However, there are some people who really give the company more than the worth of the salary they receive.

If you are successful in finding the best worker for your firm, you have created an intangible asset in your arsenal. Your productivity would be higher and expect a profitable venture in the years to come.

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