What Will You Expect On The First Trimester

As you should know, the first trimester refers to the 1st week up to the 12th week of pregnancy. Many changes occur during this time, and the developments occurring to the little baby you are carrying in the womb are huge. The fetal changes happening may create plenty of physical and emotional changes to your life. When you go to the kitchen sink from being nauseated and vomit, or when you notice your menstrual cycles coming to a halt, you may then realize the fact that you are already pregnant. But even so, there are some mothers out there who will not know that they are already pregnant until at least the 5th week of pregnancy.

Noticeable Changes

Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to learn about what constitutes the first twelve weeks of gestation. Physically, you are able to experience the symptoms on your first trimester.

Breast changes = Your nipples will have a darker color, and the breasts may feel a lot larger, heavier and may be sore to the touch. Wear a comfortable bra to avoid stress.

Skin Changes = You may appear as if you have that rosy glow. Your skin may look shiny due to an increase in the blood circulation. Sometimes the hormones sparks up more oil on the skin causing acne to come out.

Veins = There may be noticeable blue veins in your legs and in your breasts and belly. You may also develop tiny veins on your face that spreads out from a certain area like spider legs, these are called spider veins.

Vagina = Your vagina during the first trimester will become thick. Sometimes there is a white discharge that may come out of the vagina. Sometimes mild bleeding in the vagina may occur, this should not be mistaken for a menstrual cycle. You should call the doctor at once if you experience vaginal bleeding during the first trimester as this could indicate a sign of abortion.

What You Will Feel

Nausea & Vomiting = A bit popular on cultural belief is the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. You can be nauseated most of the time when you are pregnant. It can sometimes be dangerous since any time during your day you may feel this experience, so dangerous work in dangerous environments is a no-no. If the symptoms for nausea & vomiting become so severe you may need to see a doctor, as you may have nutritional problems in this case.

Micturition = You may find yourself urinating most of the time when you become pregnant. This is because when your uterus expands it creates pressure on your bladder, creating a feeling of the need to urinate more often.

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