Window Replacement Cost: Important Points

Before you decide start trying to find out a window replacement cost, you should first make sure that you actually need the replacement. Consult with a handyman first because your window may actually just need repairs instead of replacements.

Once you are sure that you need replacements, hire a company to do it. If you are thinking of doing it yourself to avoid window replacement cost, think again. This is not a DIY thing. This should be done by trained people.

A window replacement cost is not too hard to understand. If itís going to your first time to get a replacement though, there are just some key points that you need to know in order for you to make a good decision when choosing a replacement company.


When trying to find out about window replacement cost, you should first try to estimate how long you will need the windows for. If you are in a new house and you plan to settle there and build a family, then you should look for more durable windows. These types would of course be more expensive. If you in an apartment maybe and you only plan to stay there for 3-5 years, then go for much cheaper types of windows.

Get Estimates

Call up companies and ask them if they can make an in-home estimate, free of charge. This way, they will actually be able to see the place and give you estimates that would be close to what you will end up paying. You can also ask estimates from contactors so you have more options. When you make an appointment, make sure that there are no commitments made yet.

Compare Pricing

A window replacement cost would be different from one company to another. There are two major factors for the price, the price of each window and the installment. When you tell a company about your budget, make sure that you stick to it. If they see that you are really not willing to pay higher than the said amount, they will offer window replacements that would fit your budget.


Usually, window replacement companies offer a warranty for services and parts. This will only be valid for a particular period of time. Also, ask if the warranty offered is transferable. If it is, then that would be an advantage if youíre planning to sell or lease the place.

Payment Flexibility

Ask about the companyís installment plan. Usually you can pay in 3 installments. Ask the schedule of payments and the amounts needed in each installment. This will allow you to be prepared and budget properly.

Trying to Save

By wanting to reduce a window replacement cost, you may be thinking about hiring a handyman or contractor to do it instead of a company. This is alright but you have to keep in mind that companies have trained professionals who will do the job. They also provide 10 or more people to do the replacements. This means that with a company, you will save time as well as be sure that the replacement job will be done properly. If you are to hire a handyman or contactor, choose those that are recommended by people you know. Make sure that they provide quality service.

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