You Can Have It Work Rightly

In business, you need to have the right set of people in your team in order to become successful, right? Wrong. There are many successful businessmen who have started and are still working with the same people. Working with people who do not seem to fit with the company can be quite challenging but not impossible to work with. Although teaming up with the right people can be a lot easier, you can never have everything going your way. In case you do not have the opportunity to choose the right persons for the job, the best thing that you can do is work hard in working with who you have in your company. There are several ways to turn negative situations into your favor. All is not lost if you don’t have the ideal set of workers under your wing. Do what is necessary under the circumstances and you’ll see great results.

Here’s how you can build a great team even without having the right people.

  • Know Your Similarities – the best way to start a relationship right is to know your similarities. Having something in common allows you to build a better working relationship with one another. Look for anything that you all like and focus on that instead of searching for something negative that you can throw at your employees. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to start a good relationship with your workers. This is one way of building a great team despite the fact that they are not really the right persons for the job. Starting with your similarities could spark something new that can bring the right chemistry needed to become more productive.


  • Set Team Goals – individual growth is quite difficult to achieve. Working as a team though can easily gain company growth with less hassle. Thus being said, it would be best for you as an entrepreneur and for your company to work and set goals as a team. Discuss your objectives as a team especially if your aim is to build a good one. Two are better than one as the saying goes. Imbibe in your employees’ though to work as a team always. This will generate motivation and a sense of belongingness would be binding them together.


  • Help Your Teammates – in case one of them is lagging on a certain job, make sure that you offer a helping hand. Always remember that the success and failure of any of the team member will reflect on the whole company. Thus it is very important that you help each other especially those who really need some assistance. Avoid individual comparison of achievements. It is counter-productive to team building.


  • Discuss and Resolve Every Issue – don’t let the day end without discussing and addressing issues around the company, especially with your team. This is a healthy way of preventing problems from destroying the relationship of the team. In return, you can expect better performances and results from your employees. The concern of every team member is strengthened when you share them the issues of the day.

While you can’t have it all at the same time, you can do something the make things better for the day. Try to follow the above and you’ll experience the unexpected in your operations.

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